Under the concept of Hairstyles and Music, each year, 5º-1ª Salón de Belleza presents its vision of the hairstyles collection for the season and we think how to express it visually. We decided to launch the shock-rock band Invasion, a band with a lot of attitude, a Kiss style make-up and shiny hair. So we proposed to convert its theme «Blonde» in the concept key for the new collection of hairstyles and they accepted. We also shot a videoclip and many pictures to promote their tour in may and we decided to use the maximum possible alternative material to realize a lot of posters with the band members.

The hairstyles collection was presented in october 2010 with the first concert – only for blondes – on the terrace of 5º1ª Salón de Belleza. Invasion acted and presented his hit «Blonde» in front of an audience made only and exclusively by natural (or fictitious) blondes. We launched a photo-contest in the social networks and we gave away 5 passes VIB (Very Important Blonde) for the 5 most voted blonde on the wall. Here’s some pictures of the night. And below the Invasion videoclip for «Blonde».

Agency: Carlitos Y Patricia
Client: 5º-1ª Salón de Belleza