• The Giconi embroided logo.

  • Some suits.

  • Beautiful Giconi girls, wearing the Aurantium suit.

  • The official Monaco Parachute suit ready to jump!

  • Glitch suits flying!

  • Johann Karlsson, from Sweden, wearing his brand new Glitch Suit.

  • L.A.Trip and Mexican Party suits flying!

  • Glitch suits flying!

The Glitch pattern is a psychedelic explosion of colours, shapes and subliminal messages. In the Jungle Fever one, otherwise, we get lost in a photographic collage composition, an interpretation of the classic painted tropical patterns.


Exclusive pattern designs to apply on skydiving and streetwear products by Giconi. Each pattern represents an imaginary world, which can be the abstract and cubist space of the Dubai Skydive suit; or we can maybe have a dip in the Renaissance; or having a stoned trip through the streets of Los Angeles. Otherwise we can also find ourselves in the middle of a Mexican Party between painted skulls, flowers, mariatchis, chickens and red hot chili peppers. Exceptionally we also designed the official Monaco Parachute Team suit.

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Client: Giconi