Jim Jones was an American religious leader and community organizer. Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, best known for the mass murder-suicide in November 1978 of 909 of its members in Jonestown, Guyana. Nearly three-hundred children were murdered at Jonestown, almost all of them by cyanide poisoning. Jones died from a gunshot wound to the head; it is suspected his death was a suicide.

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Skydream Welcome Party coincided with Aldo Comas birthday. This was the party flyer. It just represented what the party was: crucible of crazyness. Inspired in The Wolf of Wall Street, nothing was missing: alcool, music, karaoke, midgets, strippers, Hell’s Angels, animals, etc.

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Laura Torné is a spanish writer. She lives in an apparently fancy pink world, made of candies, PEZ, soap operas and unicorns; but she hides a dark side, made of mutilations and blood, though it’s all about humor, as you can check in her book Muerte a los Hombres Malos. In all this, she’s also my lovely girlfriend.

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