Visual design, art direction, branding, illustration.


Visual design, art direction, branding, illustration.




Secret 7” for Primal Scream

Cover selected for Secret 7″ 2018 edition, Primal Scream’s Damaged.

Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl. Creatives from around the world are then invited to interpret the tracks in their own style for every 7”. 700 unique sleeves are exhibited before going on sale on a first come, first served basis priced at £50 each. You don’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for, until you have parted with your cash – the secret lies within.

Since 2012 they have produced 3,500 one-of-a-kind records for 35 different tracks were . They’ve sold every single one and raised over £175,000 for great causes.