This is about points, pixels, Hand-made VS Digital-made, colorful threads, cute stuff, family portraits Y punto.

Personal project about cross-stitch portraits. It’s between me (the son-in-law) and Concha (the mother-in-law). We create crazy customized digital/cross-stitched portraits. The process is simple: our clients send us some picture of who they want to portray, and also a small description of what they like, hobbies, moods, if they have pets or not. Then we create a digitalized pixeled portrait, and when they are happy and say «Ok!» we proceed to the cross-stitch phase, when the capable hands of Concha make magic! It’s a great idea for a gift (Christmas, birthdays or, better, weddings!).

We also designed our corporate identity of this small and cute project: a squared logo that recalls the cross-stitch points grid; so we produced our personal stamps to create an easy and fast corporate identity on every kind of support (as a sign on the back of each portrait, or simply on squared paper as a business card).

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Client: Y Punto